August goals

My blog has been a little quiet recently and I must confess with heading back to work full time I have really struggled to make time to write for the blog so I thought with this new month ahead I would make some goals for my blog as they say if you write it down you are more liely to stick to it.

  1. Post on my instagram everyday - I am already quite consistent but would like to keep this up in the hope if reaching my next goal.
  2. Having 600 followers on instagram - I'm nearly there please follow me if you don't already (
  3. Post a blog once a week - With the fear of not being able to write each week when I am back at work I am using my summer to build up my blog content as to ensure that I can keep my blog going while teaching full time and being a mummy. 
  4. Commenting on other blogs - As blog comments are every bloggers dream I am planning to spread the commenting love. 
  5. Do more linkys- linked to my above goal I am going to link up with lots of linkys to not only find new blogs to read but also to hopefully gain some comments of my own. 

Do you make monthly goals for yourself? What are your goals for this month?

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