Where did my good eater go?

When we first started weaning Layla-Rose just over a year ago she would eat anything. I mean anything! We did a mixture of pouches and baby led weaning and found it worked really well for us. Since turning 18 months however, Layla has become more fussy with her food. Breakfast and lunch tend to be fine as they are normally just slight variations of the same thing and she could snack for England! The trouble comes at tea times. It started with her refusing to sit in her highchair to the point where nothing but sheer force would get her in and by this point she was far to hysterical to eat. We decided that this was no way to carry on so resorted to letting her sit at a little chair and table to eat her meals. Even though she was much more relaxed at tea time she would still refuse to eat the majority of what was offered to her.

It was at this point we decided to all eat together (we had previously eaten after Layla had been put to bed) but having her sit at her little table and chair while we were at the main table proved difficult so up she went to the big table. It was also at this point we decided to give her exactly the same as us at meal times even things like curry and chilli. She picks and chooses what she wants off the plate and some nights this is nothing at all.

I have no magic solutions or reasons why she liked peas six months ago but now won't put them anywhere near her mouth. Its so infuriating but still I keep plodding on giving her everything on her plate even though she blows raspberries and shouts she doesn't like it. I'm hoping one day she will start eating all she used to again but all I can do now is keep putting it on her plate and hope that she will start eating it again...one day....preferably soon.

Any advice/help/support would be greatly appreciated.

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